Tuesday, December 21, 2010

... as it is !

Some 35 years back, I had just joined the hostel at uni. Ragging till late night by seniors was common. One night, I happened to be back to my room at a reasonable time & simply fell asleep. Some time later, when the room-mate returned and knocked at the door, there was no response from me. After repeated knocks and no response, quite a few hostlers gathered & decided to push open the door! Just as the door was being forced open, I woke up totally surprised ! Over the years, I have figured out, one may or may not get such a sound sleep every time. Am almost able to accept it... as it is!

Having walked with friends & relations over many miles, one can see that we all have our own journey. Even with the best of intent, I need not labour my point of view. I can accept it... as it is!

There is a tree in our street that has its bark peeling off, given its age. It still has a fine presence for me. I accept it... as it is!

Nearly 25 years back, 'had gone out for a weekend get-together with few friends from the industrial unit, where I was a trainee. It was a lively, relaxed, fun session. There was a soothing classical song, pretty popular at that time - that was played 30 times during the evening ! Over the years, I have figured out, each meeting need not be the same. Am able to accept it... as it is!

It's an earnest effort to gradually be in a frame, whereby, am comfortably accepting most of the events, interactions, developments.... as it is!

One of the most fundamental concepts am trying to internalise is that of "surrender". The best I can describe, it is our effortless internal acceptance of Life force, ultimately our own Self... as it is !

With warm good wishes & season's greetings