Saturday, April 23, 2011

...dimensions of learning !

Sometimes the sight and plight of a close relation, friend, associate, even a pet and of course our own-self, can inspire us, grind us and uplift us. These are all ......dimensions of learning !

What catches my attention and inspires me, is actually not in my full control. An expression from Roosevelt "the only thing to fear is Fear" can influence the thought process at many levels. A fine narration of a character from centuries back, can find a seat within and gently guide many steps.

It's a pleasure to see the way several creative and gifted people, scholars ... in fact many many people have internalised and outgrown their limitations.

Few years back, I had gone to pick up our son from a friend's place. It was raining and wet allover. As I tried to rush towards the front of their door, I tripped on the way down. It was not a pleasant sight, but a good learning experience. As we know, there are many ...dimensions of learning !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

... need to escape!

There are several packages to help us plan our holiday, retreats, outings, DJ sessions.. Given the routines of daily life, there can be a... need to escape!

It's a pleasure to see a tiny toddler have peaceful nap, totally oblivious of the surroundings. So long as it's basic needs are met, it is at peace with itself, with no ... need to escape!

Few years back, I was sitting next to a window, waiting for the flight to take off. Two good size ladies came & sat in the next two seats. Suddenly I felt suffocated and wanted to rush out.Lukily it worked out fine. Given my own need for open space & claustrophobic feel in closed spaces, am almost scared for miners, working underground in risky conditions, just in case there is ... need to escape!

With practice, we get to a stage, where we are comfortable in our skin. Am given to understand that at times, even adverse conditions can prompt us to dig for strength & creative energy within, while trying to manage the ... need to escape!

Monday, April 4, 2011

...perfectly imperfect!

...perfectly imperfect is an expression borrowed from a learned one.

Our little pet has fair few habits that can drive you nuts at times. She commands attention as her birth right. Her looks can best be described as cute. The affection she showers can melt a stone. In short, she is ...perfectly imperfect!

Some 30 years back, happened to visit family relations, as I was passing through Bombay for some work. Had known & extensively dealt with the family earlier. It was pretty interesting to see the elderly Aunt share her family issues at length. Happened to visit the family an year later, as I was studying & staying in Bombay now. It was pretty disturbing to be treated so indifferently this time around. Took sometime to decipher this disparity. Gradually, it dawned on me as ...perfectly imperfect!

When I reflect within, I do find features that 'am very comfortable with, features that one has nurtured with care. Of course there are limitations and concerns too. All in all, the bundle is probably ...perfectly imperfect!