Saturday, June 18, 2011


We can draw cash from an Automatic teller machine (ATM). With practice, we can figure out, where our attention is - at the moment (ATM)

As we prepare for an event, discussion, presentation, it just helps us manage what happens... ATM

Long back, I had a wart in my foot for few weeks. The doctor checked it, asked a question & gave the medicine. The relief was evident within minutes. This is just a vivid picture within...ATM

There are several events, immensely beautiful & fulfilling, inspiring & uplifting, frustrating & threatening, that we face during our journey. Am gradually realising, there are no ripples within.. ATM

As I write this note, sitting in the train, the guy sitting next to me is dozing off & leaning on me slightly. I can see that there is no impact within ... ATM

Am given to understand that most of what we need to learn, can be summed up as BE HERE NOW. In other words, just BE ...ATM

Monday, June 6, 2011

...price of Freedom!

"Freedom is my birthright" said a noted statesman decades back. Several scholars & scriptures point to the same concept from different angles. One suggestion is for us to be ever vigilant. We all have our share of thrills & drills, rights & duties, dreams & fears. In the midst of it all, at a basic level, we are free as well.

Many years back, I was running high fever & had to stay back from the primary school for three weeks. I clearly remember the whole period, the medication, the restriction on food & movement etc. Gradually am understanding that there is something within that's eternally free. There is no...price of Freedom!

Have enjoyed a song for many years. It beautifully captures the pangs of leaving your native place. Am fully familiar with the immense emotions this song generated for a long period. Now it gently points to the ...price of Freedom!

Having faced fine compliments and serious challenges over the years, one can say that Happiness is a state of mind. Same holds for Peace & Freedom. A certain degree of vigilance is all that's needed as the ...price of Freedom!