Friday, February 22, 2013

... the point of acceptance!

We humans are gifted with many faculties that help us survive, explore, create new structures and perhaps concepts. On the flip side, our desires, drives, doubts...hold us back from...the point of acceptance!
Having dealt with several people and issues in varied contexts, it’s clear that beyond a thresh-hold, most of material, intellectual, social and cultural tags have little relevance to the...the point of acceptance!
Many years back, during an initial job interview, I was asked if I was a lazy person. It bothered me for quite some time. Gradually I was able to dust it aside and get to ...the point of acceptance!
There are several acquaintances, where we are at different platforms in terms of age, stage even orientation at times. Once there is some patch of common interest, similarity of views, an ounce of mutual affinity, and one is pretty close to...the point of acceptance!
Many years back, I realised that I can feel claustrophobic sitting in a corner next to the window in a plane. During a recent flight, just as we were about to take off, a lady asked me, if I could move from my aisle seat to the window seat, as she was claustrophobic! I did explain the situation to her and moved to the window seat just to challenge myself. It worked out just fine, helping me figure out... the point of acceptance!