Friday, August 27, 2010

...take 3 !

Sharing a note from 3 years back !


This note is from St A Hospital in Adelaide - where my Father is undergoing medical procedure. Its fulfilling in many ways to be of assistance to your nears & dears. Some 32 years back, had the privilege to spend sometime in a Delhi Hospital with my Grandfather - undergoing medical treatment.

As the Sanskrit proverb goes - we are like logs of wood floating on water - a current underneath brings us together & we float together for some distance. And then . . .

Am pretty convinced that relations one is walking with in this lifetime are being carried forward from earlier lives. we choose to float together, thru a range of options : parent-child, partners, friends, teacher-student etc.

Am also able to add that something within is still exactly the same after these 32 years - can be labelled as the "observer" - a friendly "witness" to TAKE 2.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

....stick-ability !

From a very young age, I had the opportunity to prepare dough for bread - rotis, chapatties. Gradually you get used to the whole process and can experiment with few ingredients to add flavour and variety. Once the dough is ready, it stops sticking to the pan.

Interestingly, am finding that the process has several parallels : After reading a book, absorbing from it, reflecting on it, we can leave it gracefully. We can revisit, but don't have to stick to it. While one continues to learn all through life, one does not stick to the school or college. A ripe fruit does not stick to the branch!

Each association has its phases of forming, norming and storming. Gradually, you get past the point of stick-ability. Long back I read & accepted the phrase that 80 % of ones ability is stick-ability. At this cross section, my understanding is that it's an internal process !!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

... just a handful !

Mathematically, we need few samples, at least a handful, before we can come to any general conclusion. Am finding that most of existence, at any cross section, relates to a handful of people, places and possibilities.

Normally you interact with a handful of people for work! A reasonable degree of mutual acceptance with work colleagues helps with our sense of well being!

A handful of relations leave a deep lasting impact within for a lifetime.

With the best of intent - you are able to develop, sustain and enjoy a handful of friendly contacts.

At any cross section, one is able to manage just a handful of issues!

Our life has significance for ... just a handful of people

We absorb innumerable suggestions, ideas, insights, leads over the years. At a particular point of time, we are aware of .. just a handful

As we depart for the next abode, we have hopefully "touched" ... just a handful!!