Saturday, November 3, 2012

...the Mantra!

Based on our nature, nurture, circumstances... we gradually figure out our formula to keep afloat... the Mantra!

How much importance we attach to an issue ... to our drive... to our values... point to... the Mantra!

For many years I have been having a glass of warm water with honey and lemon in the morning, as suggested by many for good health. Generally I am more comfortable in outdoors than indoors. Going for a walk stimulates me at many levels. For me it’s all part of... the Mantra!

A piece of music that stirs you, ... a story that inspires you...a dream that drives you... the resilience that sustains you... point to... the Mantra!

Gradually you come to realise that you are not far from ...the Mantra!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

...the untouchable!

There are several experiences that gradually start looking like pearls, held together by a string that is practically...the untouchable!

There is a food item that I have enjoyed, for decades. The Gool-gappa, or Pani-puri, as it is called, has several layers of history, association, affinity, interaction. There are associated experiences, pleasant & not so pleasant, fulfilling & frustrating. This wide variation helps me reach for ...the untouchable!

Few years back, a young waiter was bringing a tray of drinks at our office party. He happened to trip over and pour all the drinks over the colleague sitting next to me. A little later, this happened again, with the drinks running all over my back. The event affected different people differently, essentially leaving...the untouchable!

There are several developments, which can be classed as successes. On the other hand, there are failures, despite all the good will & effort. In the mix of things, it becomes imperative to make peace with ...the untouchable!

We tend to keep the valuables in a safe place, beyond easy reach. Given that we all appear & then finally dissolve in time & space. This precious balance of time & space is a gentle pointer to ...the untouchable!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

...what’s mine!

It’s human nature to come to terms with, understand, comprehend and possibly float easily with the Nature. It’s a delight to see the fine work of different seekers – poets, painters, scholars, artists, reformers... it’s an ongoing effort to understand...what’s mine!

Going for a walk with the pet, can be a pretty fulfilling experience. So can be a relaxed chat with a friend... a fine song that you have enjoyed over the years... a lively evening with a group..gradually I am finding that all these help me figure out ...what’s mine!

Reflecting on an experience... good or not so good... comforting or threatening ... uplifting or humiliating... helps me decipher. As the pendulum swings to & fro...seasons change.. still something stays steady...what’s mine!

A certain degree of detachment, discrimination... effortless observation... a sprinkle of humour...helps me absorb... ...what’s mine!

Monday, June 25, 2012

...the street directory!

Many years back, I had picked up a friend from the airport. As I was still getting familiar with the route, I asked him to hold the street directory, just in case I needed to check the route. As we got home, he jokingly said – perhaps we can store away ...the street directory!  

Initially as one is not clear about the route, one needs the GPS, a guide or... ...the street directory !

It’s fascinating to see how comfortable one can get with the routes- enjoying the views, some music, a little conversation, sprinkle of imagination, without ...the street directory!

Nature provides its own signal to steer us perhaps. A tiny ant probably know where it’s heading without ...the street directory!

Few days back, some of us were having a snack, sitting in clear outdoors – under a little shaded area. A kookaburra came flying in, snatched the chip from one of the pals & just flew off. Perhaps it had it's own...the street directory! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

...the same source!

It’s fascinating to see the way our desires originate, shape up, find fulfilment & then gradually dissolve into...the same source!

I have had the privilege to be associated with several people in varied contexts. Every transaction has its own backdrop, flow, ripples, highs & lows ... finally to be absorbed into ...the same source!

Having experienced a wide range of opposites ... intense loneliness to fine friendship...daunting humiliation to graceful acknowledgement... moments of self doubt to glimpse of bliss... one can sense that it’s coming from and pointing to...the same source!

When Shakespeare said...To be or Not to Be.. perhaps he was pointing to...the same source!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

... the Cord !

Even before we step on this earth, all our requirements are met through ... the Cord!!

In order to “discover” our self, we have to start the journey and get past... the Cord!!

Occasionally, for medical support, we are connected to.. the Cord!!

It’s interesting to note that, in whatever frame we are, pleasant or not so pleasant, at a fundamental level, we are always connected to .. the Cord!!

It’s said that even our pets can sense the strength from the cord, as you take them for a walk.

In fact, it’s interesting to note that, it’s futile searching for ... the Cord!! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

...burning desire!

We are creatures of habit. At any cross section, we can have the burning desire to achieve, make a lasting impression, solve a puzzle, address a social issue ... It seems that we are often in the grip of this ... burning desire!

Most of the actions are driven by results expected. The burning desire is its own reward. It provides the fuel for thought and action ... pulls you up or down... magnifies or diminishes your identity... helps with metabolism or hinders your is certainly aware of this... burning desire!

Many years back, as a young child, I saw a lady restless in sheer pain... as she could not do much for her baby, who was in a room engulfed in flames! One can only imagine what she was going through.

Learning to manage this process, finding a reservoir of peace & tranquilly within, with a fair degree of surrender, is part of this ...burning desire!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

.. the proof.!

Quantum physics points out that if we are sure about the location of an atomic particle, we are uncertain about its properties and vice verse. A certain degree of uncertainly is inherent in most descriptions, encounters, events... this provides scope for beautiful growth, intense pain, fine poetry and divine music... well beyond... the proof.

Few years back we bought a CD. It has provided hours of fine entertainment, endless stream of thoughts and honest admiration for the artists and moments of fine reflections... without any need for ...the proof.

It has been an honest effort to cultivate a range of personal and professional relationships over many decades. Part of you exists in, resonates with, is defined by, is bothered about, is nurturing and nurtured by these associations without ... the proof.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

... little smiling one!

It has been my sincere effort to meet & greet friends & relations with a warm smile. This warmth has been more than reciprocated. It adds to someone within... little smiling one.

In deeply reflective moments, you can feel the universe blissfully coming to a standstill... quietly shrinking... to be with ... little smiling one.

While listening to a fine piece of music, laughing wholeheartedly with a comic clip, feeling deeply connected to the universal energy, sharing a playful moment with kids, I can feel the presence of ... little smiling one.

It has been a blessing to enjoy long term association with family & friends. A generous dose of humour helps most of the time. Am gradually realising, one need not worry at all.. just quietly listen to... be gently in the company of ... little smiling one.

Friday, January 6, 2012

... Mutual acceptance!

It’s a pleasure to share some quality time with nears & dears, in person, over the phone or just in a gathering. While it takes a long time to build, sustain & nurture these relationships, the rewards are rich & fulfilling. The finest dimension is... Mutual acceptance!

It’s interesting that this state can be experienced in the presence of a loved one, a devoted & learned soul, a pet... well beyond the realms of material elements or constructs of language ... in fact not much is needed for ... Mutual acceptance!

A song from years gone by, a suggestion from a casual acquaintance, a little reflective moment can help you discover part of you for ... Mutual acceptance!