Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.... my C.G.

Objects around us have a centre of gravity, the C.G. For the circle, it's the centre itself, as it is for the square.

Each one of us has our own C.G. where our attention goes, almost involuntarily many a time. This C.G. is influenced by our desires, aspirations, concerns, longings...

It has been my practice to donate blood for many years. Many a time, as the needle is put through my vein, am reminded of the pain, our little son would have faced when he had to be placed on a drip some 23 years back. It is part of .... my C.G.

Having felt the need for it, I have invested a lot of time & energy to nurture & sustain a range of associations. Am grateful for the friendly feel. It's pretty close to .... my C.G.

Given that we often get to appreciate bright stars on a dark night, it's my effort to weigh and balance my own strengths & weaknesses, assets & liabilities, essentially to stay focussed and remain connected to .... my C.G.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

... art of enjoyment!

For some 3 decades, I do enjoy a cup of coffee. It's an acquired taste from uni days. Over the years, you figure out, what's a good coffee for you. I do try to reflect, where is enjoyment - is it in anticipation, or in the slow sip, or in the after-taste ! Hopefully it will help me decipher the ... art of enjoyment!

Music has found a seat within for decades. So many songs help you relate to your own roots, understand human relations, reflect on finer points and appreciate the creative artists
Had the fortune of attending the performance of a Gazaal master recently, having enjoyed his music for over 25 years.
It's pretty simple to understand that we all have our own liking for a particular type of music. It varies from person to person and with time
As Gulzar Sahib says - music fills our life. It helps me understand the ... art of enjoyment!

It seems Aristotle was asked how long should the legs be! As we understand, his reply was "long enough to reach the ground!" A certain degree of "grounded" feeling or self acceptance is part of the ... art of enjoyment!