Friday, November 11, 2011

... Reflective definitions !

It’s said that when a child is born, a parent is born. We live with and gradually internalise these ... Reflective definitions.

It has been a pleasure explaining fine concepts to peers, students and others. In case I have a student, I can be labelled as a teacher. This delicate balance and gentle energy flow is part of .. Reflective definitions

It has been my sincere effort to look after the two pets. Their tender look, gentle stretch and friendly contact, add to the. .. Reflective definitions

As you watch a good program, sip a decent coffee, achieve a milestone or enjoy a comic strip, at times, there is an urge to share the experience with others...The thought that someone is keen to hear from me, about me is a fine motivator. Gradually one learns to grow beyond these .. Reflective definitions

Having gone through fair few experiences, good & not-so-good, brilliant and challenging, threatening & uplifting, comforting & confronting, it’s increasingly clear that these are all part of ... Reflective definitions.