Sunday, October 31, 2010

... just one sentence !

The story goes that a well established king asked a noted scholar for a selection of books that one must read. An year later, as promised, the scholar presented the king with a row of camels, loaded with books that must be read! The king was furious. The poor scholar had to plead for a week's time to do better that this. A week later, the king was really agitated to find a camel loaded with books. The frightened scholar was given just one day to pull it together. Next day the king was presented with a golden plate with a note " There were people, they were born and they died!" ... just one sentence !

As I was leaving home to join uni in 76, my Grandfather asked me to take down a sentence for guidance :[translation] one who fights the storms, is a good Human Being, one who fights the intent, is the Real Being ! Over the years, I have reflected on this ... just one sentence !

My Grandmother gave me a picture of her chosen deity, saying "He will protect you" ...just one sentence !

It's fascinating to see how much can be conveyed and retained through... just one sentence !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

... am fed up!!

Few years back, I joined a few friends for dinner. The setting was fine, as was the food. Just after a few bites, I felt I was not able to eat any more ! Suddenly it dawned on me that I was coming from another get-together & had a full meal just 30 min earlier ! After all once you are full, you don't say ... am fed up !

Having read several books, attended many sessions regarding positive psychology, art of living .. one sort of gets to a saturation point. One continues to learn all through, without saying ... am fed up!

Several songs have shaken me to the core for several years, helping me resonate with and absorb many elements. Gradually the interest in a particular song plateaus. You still value the words, the concept and the artists. There is no need to say that fed up!

Having learnt about lives of few eminent people in different fields, it seems they have "turned around" their set backs and gained fine insights where they could easily have said .. am fed up!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

...the shifting ground!

Over four decades back, I picked up a few laminations from a discarded lot, on the way back from the primary school. It was a treasured lot for play. A close family friend, 'stole' some of these. I was really upset, even more concerned that my folks continued to be friends with "their" family. Gradually, the whole episode appears so insignificant and kid stuff ! I can see ... the shifting ground!

Nearly two decades back, we moved overseas. What was the foundation and identity for decades, the place of childhood, youth, marriage, birth of kids, the parental "home" continued to have massive pull within for long. After a while the parental family also migrated. Happened to visit the place few months back. While I have vivid memory of many miles, I can see ... the shifting ground!

Sitting in the train, on the way to/from work, sometimes I doze off. Few stations pass by, without noticing ...the shifting ground!

Gradually, am trying to figure out, what stays with you, despite ...the shifting ground!