Sunday, June 28, 2015


It’s a pleasure to watch a fine actor literally bring life to a character on screen or stage. There is an elderly lady, performing the role of an elegant, mature, forgiving mother/ grandmother in a fair few serials. In another serial the same lady is being manipulative and vindictive with the same degree of calibre. It does not take long to decipher that this highly talented actress is just doing her…role!

This little pet at home, mentioned a few times earlier, cannot qualify as a guard dog of any description. Despite limited movement and skills she is a reservoir of goodwill, grace and affection. Only after travelling together for several years, you get to comprehend its…role!

In several chemical reactions, we need a catalyst for the reaction to proceed smoothly. The catalyst does not participate in the reaction; it enables the process to proceed smoothly. It’s interesting to see how different situations and encounters stimulate or threaten us, empower or challenge us. Few years back, I had to take a stand against the bank lending manager for oversight of a loan condition. The matter had to be taken up at a higher level, before being resolved amicably. In hindsight, it was a catalyst for some fine learning…it had its…role!      

Mark Twain said “I never let schooling interfere with my education”… most of us grow up with the understanding that schooling has a… role!   

Monday, June 8, 2015

…my brand!

Right from cosmetics, to travel, to clothing, one is familiar with different vendors promoting their wares. Given that perception matters on most fronts – political, social, commercial… I am trying to figure out…my brand!

In the best case scenario, we can concur on a range of issues – economic to entertainment, interpersonal to entrepreneurial! In the midst of it all, I am pretty sure, my experience, my reaction and resolve, my likes and dislikes establish…my brand!

We often hear the expression – it’s my way or Highway- to describe a determined and robust person. Like any other expression, we interpret and internalise each issue differently. My understanding of flexibility and rigidity, conformity and creativity… help me figure out…my brand!   

There is a nice little story by Tagore called “Kartar Bhoot,” or “The Ghost of the Leader,” … “A wise and highly respected leader who received unquestioned admiration from a community had become, in effect, a kind of tyrant when he lived, and enormously more so after he died. The story describes how ridiculously restrained people’s lives became when the dead leader’s recommendations get frozen into inflexible commands. In their impossibly difficult lives, when the members of the community pray to the dead leader to liberate them from their bondage, the leader reminds them that he exists only in their minds—that they are free to liberate themselves whenever they so decide”…In the final analysis, I have to comprehend, accept and live with……my brand! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

…part of me!

As a young student at the Uni, I have had the privilege of coming in contact with several brilliant and dedicated lecturers and students. Their passion, devotion and enthusiasm have certainly left a mark somewhere…it has become a…part of me!

There are several fellow travellers, friends, relations…that have added to the inner frequency by virtue of their sympathy or indifference, humility or arrogance, sense of composure or sheer desperation, honesty or deceit. Through years of association, reflection, assimilation and distillation…some fraction thereof has helped shape …part of me!

Long back I came across the book “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. The suggestions presented still make good sense and are acceptable. Few days back, I was slightly concerned to read some unfavourable comments about the book that has been around for some 70 years. In line with the prevailing social, economic and political environs, we do our bit to survive and thrive. We continue to fine tune our strategy and resolve. At a fundamental level only that ideology or habit works for me that is …part of me!