Thursday, May 27, 2010

... not just inspiration!

In line with our nature, nurture and inner state, we absorb different signals from the environment. Having participated in several discussions, discourses, presentations, workshops – am pretty convinced that we are getting motivated, inspired in a unique individual fashion. In a group of 5 or 500, each one is picking up a different signal.

One of the more ingrained pictures for me is that of our elderly maid in early 70s. She conveys a spirit of sheer determination and hard work, against all odds to protect and nurture her grown up son, who had gone off tracks.

The picture sits somewhere within to guide me, help me make sense of the bigger picture. Its not that I make a deliberate attempt to remember the Maid. I don’t even know her name nor have her picture. She surfaces in thoughts, of her own accord and Grace.

Its part of my respiration… not just inspiration!

A famous poem fits this note “Mere Man Ke Andh Tamas Mein, Jyotirmayi Utaro” [O Mother: light up my inner being!]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

... dance for Me

It’s with salutations to our two pets – Cheeko & Cherry – who have added lots to our life – though physically small, they have huge personality & influence. Am personally of the belief that our pets are related to us – we have traveled together in an earlier life time as well, I feel

Among the things that are prominently visible – unconditional love, non stop playfulness, ability to enjoy simple things in life – just food, walk in the park, faultless loyalty, a friendly disposition all the time. Its a delight to see their excitement & joy as you reach home or once they figure out you are taking them for a walk! They almost dance in ecstasy!

Hopefully, one day, with same intensity & purity ... am able to ..... dance for Me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

...power of prayer!

Having seen almost all elders pray in different shapes & forms, there is an implicit faith and acceptance within of the power of prayer!

To begin with one prays for material gain, achievement, a sense of self-worth, security, social status…On several occasions, automatically, you find yourself praying for the well being of nears & dears. It has been a pleasure to have seen several deep rooted prayers mature beautifully ... not necessarily in a linear fashion.

Gradually you try to figure out, who is asking Whom for What! At this cross-section, the best I can say I am seeking Faith, It’s said that a little mouse in a cat’s mouth feels most scared. A little kitten in cat’s mouth feels most safe! It’s essentially a matter of cultivating Faith!

One can just admire the creative genius of several artists that have captured such fine notes, so beautifully: [In Punjabi : Hor kee mangna main rabb kolon, nit kher manga tere dum dee, baaj sajjan lajjpaal tere, mai kohjian kede kaam dee] what more can I ask God, I pray only for your longer life, because without my guardian my true love, I am worthless …

Thursday, May 6, 2010

… little hick-ups!

Sharing few signals over the years from … little hick-ups!

At the age of 16, I went to join Uni, at a distant location from home. Rigorous ragging was part of the informal “induction process” at the residential hostel. One night, few seniors decided that I must have a smoke & offered me a cigarette. Despite my humble & repeated pleas to the contrary, I was required to smoke. Without much of a choice, I was going to smoke! Just as the cigarette was going to touch me, a senior instructed – its OK – leave it!! Life has presented few challenges over the decades, driving me to the brink & thankfully saving me as well! Each such episode leaves you with a little message within.

One day, while cycling back from high school, I stopped for a drink of water at charitable water dispensing joint, called pyoo. An elderly man gave me water in a glass. Unintentionally, I left the empty glass there without rinsing it. He called me back & instructed me not to leave the glass unrinsed! A simple lesson that has been pretty handy for decades.

Our senior school physics teacher described an experiment one day. Next day, I openly questioned part of the description. It was fairly embarrassing to be given a dressing down for my bluntness! Gradually the edges rounded off – finally gaining kudos from many a teacher over many years.