Monday, June 25, 2012

...the street directory!

Many years back, I had picked up a friend from the airport. As I was still getting familiar with the route, I asked him to hold the street directory, just in case I needed to check the route. As we got home, he jokingly said – perhaps we can store away ...the street directory!  

Initially as one is not clear about the route, one needs the GPS, a guide or... ...the street directory !

It’s fascinating to see how comfortable one can get with the routes- enjoying the views, some music, a little conversation, sprinkle of imagination, without ...the street directory!

Nature provides its own signal to steer us perhaps. A tiny ant probably know where it’s heading without ...the street directory!

Few days back, some of us were having a snack, sitting in clear outdoors – under a little shaded area. A kookaburra came flying in, snatched the chip from one of the pals & just flew off. Perhaps it had it's own...the street directory! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

...the same source!

It’s fascinating to see the way our desires originate, shape up, find fulfilment & then gradually dissolve into...the same source!

I have had the privilege to be associated with several people in varied contexts. Every transaction has its own backdrop, flow, ripples, highs & lows ... finally to be absorbed into ...the same source!

Having experienced a wide range of opposites ... intense loneliness to fine friendship...daunting humiliation to graceful acknowledgement... moments of self doubt to glimpse of bliss... one can sense that it’s coming from and pointing to...the same source!

When Shakespeare said...To be or Not to Be.. perhaps he was pointing to...the same source!