Thursday, March 22, 2012

...burning desire!

We are creatures of habit. At any cross section, we can have the burning desire to achieve, make a lasting impression, solve a puzzle, address a social issue ... It seems that we are often in the grip of this ... burning desire!

Most of the actions are driven by results expected. The burning desire is its own reward. It provides the fuel for thought and action ... pulls you up or down... magnifies or diminishes your identity... helps with metabolism or hinders your is certainly aware of this... burning desire!

Many years back, as a young child, I saw a lady restless in sheer pain... as she could not do much for her baby, who was in a room engulfed in flames! One can only imagine what she was going through.

Learning to manage this process, finding a reservoir of peace & tranquilly within, with a fair degree of surrender, is part of this ...burning desire!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

.. the proof.!

Quantum physics points out that if we are sure about the location of an atomic particle, we are uncertain about its properties and vice verse. A certain degree of uncertainly is inherent in most descriptions, encounters, events... this provides scope for beautiful growth, intense pain, fine poetry and divine music... well beyond... the proof.

Few years back we bought a CD. It has provided hours of fine entertainment, endless stream of thoughts and honest admiration for the artists and moments of fine reflections... without any need for ...the proof.

It has been an honest effort to cultivate a range of personal and professional relationships over many decades. Part of you exists in, resonates with, is defined by, is bothered about, is nurturing and nurtured by these associations without ... the proof.