Friday, November 15, 2013

... the Song Unsung !

In his famous poem Tagore Sahib says "The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day.. I have spent my days in stringing and in unstringing my instrument.. The time has not come true, the words have not been rightly set; only there is the agony of wishing in my heart... I have not seen his face, nor have I listened to his voice; only I have heard his gentle footsteps from the road before my house....The livelong day has passed in spreading his seat on the floor; but the lamp has not been lit and I cannot ask him into my house. ...I live in the hope of meeting with him; but this meeting is not yet."

It's inspiring to see how an artist can so beautifully capture, preserve, nurture and then share such a tender thought. In all humbleness, to a degree, I feel that I have been able to sing.."The song that I came to sing.." 
Given our ability to seek, reflect upon and partly comprehend the Absolute, how simple to accept that " ...only I have heard his gentle footsteps from the road before my house"
Among the most fundamental of human faculties is ... "the hope of meeting with him". To that effect, we are all, in our ways, trying to absorb ... the Song Unsung !

Friday, May 17, 2013

...the vacuum!

One of the fundamental necessities of life... our breath...relies on our diaphragm moving systematically to ensure...the vacuum!

It’s fascinating to see how much of our energy goes to maintain a sense of balance and belonging.  Decades back, when I returned home after spending 3 months away at the uni, I was elated to see the buses of Delhi. The phenomenon has repeated itself on few occasions. The intense longing for something can lead to a feeling of ...the vacuum!

We all have seen the upheaval in political, social, organisational and community circles for the top position. The second-in-line can cause quite an upheaval, driven by ...the vacuum!

I have enjoyed the fine Gazaals from a famous singer for some 25 years. I had the opportunity to join his concert recently. Some friends have shared their experience of personally dealing with the singer. While I deeply value his genius and commitment, there is no longing to explore further or any issue of ...the vacuum!

Friday, February 22, 2013

... the point of acceptance!

We humans are gifted with many faculties that help us survive, explore, create new structures and perhaps concepts. On the flip side, our desires, drives, doubts...hold us back from...the point of acceptance!
Having dealt with several people and issues in varied contexts, it’s clear that beyond a thresh-hold, most of material, intellectual, social and cultural tags have little relevance to the...the point of acceptance!
Many years back, during an initial job interview, I was asked if I was a lazy person. It bothered me for quite some time. Gradually I was able to dust it aside and get to ...the point of acceptance!
There are several acquaintances, where we are at different platforms in terms of age, stage even orientation at times. Once there is some patch of common interest, similarity of views, an ounce of mutual affinity, and one is pretty close to...the point of acceptance!
Many years back, I realised that I can feel claustrophobic sitting in a corner next to the window in a plane. During a recent flight, just as we were about to take off, a lady asked me, if I could move from my aisle seat to the window seat, as she was claustrophobic! I did explain the situation to her and moved to the window seat just to challenge myself. It worked out just fine, helping me figure out... the point of acceptance!

Friday, January 18, 2013

... ray of light !

Given that human life goes through cycles of growth and decay, high & lows, attraction & repulsion... it’s fascinating to see how we look for and try to hold on to... ray of light !

It’s natural to look for a glass of cool drink, when one is hot and thirsty. A good nap does wonders for one who is tired and exhausted. It’s probably necessary to experience some dark patches, to help us look for... ray of light !

While there is no dearth of inspiring speakers, flawless presenters, remarkable performers, dedicated professional, selfless workers... one still has to search for ... ray of light !

Given that one can have shadows only when we have light, it takes a lot of practice, patience and reflection to internalize that a shadow also points to... ray of light !