Monday, March 28, 2011

...focal length !

Physics explains the need to keep objects at a certain distance, for clarity of vision. Some of us wear specs to adjust the ...focal length !

A little baby can sit and sleep in your lap for hours. Gradually it will start moving, playing, hiding, seeking ... For clarity of vision, there will be an adjustment of the...focal length !

Sitting in lap of Nature, we can admire a blade of grass, covered in dew, as also the greenery many miles away, as we have the right ...focal length !

I have been keen to connect with others in social and professional settings. Few years back, a friend invited me to a professional networking event. The evening was fine, as was all the arrangement. Having been to several such events, I could see a slight shift in the ...focal length !

It's fascinating to see how we feel connected to others in different settings, at times with little contact. A note from an associate, sitting in another part of the world, a little smile from a toddler or a pet wagging its tail, can all gently tilt our ...focal length !

PS : "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness".

Monday, March 21, 2011

...the Story !

Having lived away from home for long periods, it has been necessary for me to communicate through letters. Gradually, the whole process of exchanging notes, becomes an integral part of ...the Story !

Once you put pen to paper, a certain creative energy manifests itself, sometimes.While it is not in your control, its flow does influence ...the Story !

When I look at my notes from years back, I can see that they are certainly telling some part of ...the Story !

"Be the change that you want to see" These words from Gandhi Ji have inspired many. Having learnt a bit about his journey, his interactions and his experiments, am getting a little bit about ...the Story !

Some four decades back, while walking by a construction site, I saw 5 little mice, frantically trying to dig a hole each in ground, right under the nose of a cat ! Few minutes later, one just gave up and was picked up by the cat. After seeing several events, narrations : deeply inspiring, sometimes scary and sad, or just sweet and gentle, I can see all of them trickling slowly somewhere into ...the Story !

Monday, March 14, 2011

... the Driver!

I have often enjoyed long drives, with music adding to the beauty of the passage. Was driving back from Newcastle to Sydney, few days back. Having driven many a time, over the years, by myself and also with family & friends, one is familiar with the passage. It's interesting to note that while many things change with time, perhaps, the one that does not change is the... the Driver!

Many learned ones have suggested to give up the idea of "doer-ship". It has been my effort to look after the safe passage of nears & dears. Am almost certain that am not ... the Driver!

There are moments, most deeply reflective and sensitive in nature, when I can say, I was with ... the Driver!

Long back, while driving along with our daughter, I would be eager to get to the work appointment. This fine teenage girl was relaxing with the music in slow traffic. This has been witnessed by ... the Driver!

Am pretty keen to handover everything totally to ... the Driver!

Monday, March 7, 2011

...Nothing !!

This is partly to share the impression left within by quite a few acquaintances that have left the planet. Would like to mention our neighbour Bernie, a senior colleague Brian.... many a relation.... At this cross section, there is feeling of fine closure and acceptance. You wish them Peace, remember them warmly and carry .... Nothing.

As a child grows, learns to walk, it gradually lets go of your hand. The pleasure you derive from seeing your near ones grow is phenomenal. You pray for their well-being & expect ...Nothing.

For a very long time, I have enjoyed the preparation of an eatery in Delhi. Having left the place long back, you cherish the memory, value their expertise, but wait for ... Nothing.

Gradually, in most associations, you are trying to reach an even platform, where you value the contact & time, but expect ....Nothing !!