Monday, November 29, 2010

....surface tension !

As per Physics, water has surface tension. This explains how a tiny pin can float on surface of water, how water rises in a small capillary, how bubbles are formed. Am getting the impression that surface tension is a common phenomenon all around us!

Long back, as a small kid, while watching a movie, I was pretty upset & tense to see the hero being bashed up on the screen. In fact I walked up to my Dad, to seek comfort from this tense situation. In hindsight, I can label the whole episode as superficial, just a tense scene on surface ....surface tension !

Wherever we are in touch with others, in social and business setting, for a collective goal, there will be scope for cooperation, competition, comfort, even conflict.... surface tension !

With practice, hopefully we get to the stage, where we can exist peacefully, like a river, in-spite of.... surface tension !

Friday, November 12, 2010

...form of meditation!

In line with our nature and nurture, we all have our own preferred way to seek "happiness", find and enjoy ourselves. This is an attempt to describe few ways that work for me.
Having enjoyed, reflected on, thrilled by and floated with hundreds of songs over many years, one form of meditation for me is

Having attended several discourses, workshops, retreats about personal & spiritual development, one can add that company of learned ones, as also discussion with fellow travellers help immensely.

There are several moments, that are so complete that time seems to stop at least for a moment This could be a leisurely talk with an acquaintance,, a gentle walk with a pet, explaining a concept to a class, finding a way out of a problematic situation or just being "aware" of an issue of concern!

Am gradually finding that comedy is serious business! It's always fulfilling to share a joke, a cup of coffee, watch a movie with family & friends.

To me, writing & sharing these notes is also a ...form of meditation!