Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Call!

It's a delight to see a seasoned artist perform. You can enjoy every move, absorb the rhythm & relate to the character. While I deeply value such artists, their genius, dedication and commitment, I know that this line is not Call!

One is certainly impressed by the drive and determination of so many people in such diverse fields as medicine, science, welfare, sports... With all the respect for these endeavours, am clear, it's not Call!

In many close interactions, you can see that part of you is in sync with itself. At those points, you are not desirous of anything, nor are you afraid. You are effortlessly at peace and content with Existence. Like a tiny paper boat, you are fine with the waves. Such delicate moments point to Call!

In the gentle footsteps of a child, in innocent gesture of a close one, in fine notes of a song, in tender move of a twig, in sweet stretch of a pet, in few challenging situations and sometimes in silence, I have heard Call!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

... whatever surfaces!

Few years back, an astrologer was discussing her readings about my horoscope with me. It was a lively and intense experience. She did suggest that the Almighty does not subject us to a test, for which we are not prepared! Am sure this suggestion will gradually settle within and help me handle ... whatever surfaces!

Am sometimes reminded of a fine high school teacher. Even close to retirement, he used to say "Am becoming better & better, come what may, it does not matter". Am sure we have seen the picture of a frog, about to be swallowed, still trying to strangle its predator. The slogan reads "Never Ever Give Up".

Having come across hundreds of inspiring tales, narrations, events, one can see these waves reaching the shore, leaving some moisture behind and taking some sand away. In several relationships, dealings & associations, you gradually reach a steady state of mutual acceptance and empathy. Once this steady state is reached, you can handle...... whatever surfaces!