Wednesday, September 19, 2012

...the untouchable!

There are several experiences that gradually start looking like pearls, held together by a string that is practically...the untouchable!

There is a food item that I have enjoyed, for decades. The Gool-gappa, or Pani-puri, as it is called, has several layers of history, association, affinity, interaction. There are associated experiences, pleasant & not so pleasant, fulfilling & frustrating. This wide variation helps me reach for ...the untouchable!

Few years back, a young waiter was bringing a tray of drinks at our office party. He happened to trip over and pour all the drinks over the colleague sitting next to me. A little later, this happened again, with the drinks running all over my back. The event affected different people differently, essentially leaving...the untouchable!

There are several developments, which can be classed as successes. On the other hand, there are failures, despite all the good will & effort. In the mix of things, it becomes imperative to make peace with ...the untouchable!

We tend to keep the valuables in a safe place, beyond easy reach. Given that we all appear & then finally dissolve in time & space. This precious balance of time & space is a gentle pointer to ...the untouchable!