Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...Unknown !!

Once you wake up after a sound sleep, you feel relaxed & refreshed. In deep sleep, however, what goes on and your whereabouts are essentially ...Unknown !!

With the best of intent, one can take careful steps for well-being of all concerned. I can do my best to provide some humour, comfort & company. The exact course of events remains largely... Unknown !!

I do enjoy the company of friends & relations. It's a pleasure to share a fine thought, piece of music, a good meal, a joke with your nears & dears. Having said that, one needs one's solitude, little space as ... Unknown !!

Over 20 years back, I was deeply concerned to see a little boy struggling helplessly, as he watched his gardener father trapped by a faulty electrical cable. Luckily it got sorted. While I understand part of my sympathy for the boy, it remains largely ....Unknown !!

The two tiny pets at home, add to the quality of life. The younger one is 11 years of age & scared of clouds. In unsettled weather, she will walk right behind you. Who is adding to whose sense of security & well being remains largely ... Unknown !!

Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed fair few movies. They make you laugh, cry, reflect & even decipher basic life patterns. Knowing fully well that you are just watching a drama, part of you resonates & merges with the character for reasons ...Unknown !!

Am sure after a point, I will be a lot more comfortable, once am better friends with & more accepting of the ...Unknown !!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

... (extra) ordinary !

Several years back, I was having a bad toothache for a few days. On the way through a shopping arcade, I walked into a dental practice to seek advice. The dentist was nice enough to manage a few minutes to discuss and was able to offer helpful tips. Surprisingly, we later discovered that we have many interest and acquittance in common. The way this link came about was ... (extra) ordinary !

I have been going to this dentist for many years for regular check up. Just regular dealing .... ordinary !

Few years back, was thinking of a close classmate from decades back. Had no contact details. Out of the blue, I received an email from him, asking me if I still recognised him! Seems ... (extra) ordinary !

Gradually am trying to move past this distinction between ... ordinary and ... (extra) ordinary !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

... muddy Lotus

We are often advised to stay and operate efficiently wherever we are, in whatever we are doing. Typical example is that of the lotus - "floating" gracefully even in muddy waters. It's said that a drop of water "wants" to return to muddy conditions, after floating in the clouds for a while. We are told Buddhas return as everyday beings!

To enjoy the beauty of a live lotus, we need to "accept" the mud it stands in. To admire the bravery of the soldier, we have to "see" the war being fought. As they say - a ship is safe in the harbour, but it is not designed for that.

Having read about a few creative artists & poets, it's becoming clear that they are mostly "talking" about their own experiences.

Few months back, I had gone for a haircut. Without much wait, the hairdresser K came over, introduced himself & directed me to the chair. During next few minutes of haircut, he shared several significant events of his life, leaving a fine print within.

At any cross section, am trying to understand & appreciate the ... muddy Lotus!