Friday, November 12, 2010

...form of meditation!

In line with our nature and nurture, we all have our own preferred way to seek "happiness", find and enjoy ourselves. This is an attempt to describe few ways that work for me.
Having enjoyed, reflected on, thrilled by and floated with hundreds of songs over many years, one form of meditation for me is

Having attended several discourses, workshops, retreats about personal & spiritual development, one can add that company of learned ones, as also discussion with fellow travellers help immensely.

There are several moments, that are so complete that time seems to stop at least for a moment This could be a leisurely talk with an acquaintance,, a gentle walk with a pet, explaining a concept to a class, finding a way out of a problematic situation or just being "aware" of an issue of concern!

Am gradually finding that comedy is serious business! It's always fulfilling to share a joke, a cup of coffee, watch a movie with family & friends.

To me, writing & sharing these notes is also a ...form of meditation!


  1. Very insightful Raj. You have sequestered meditation from its orthodox mould. Truly meditation's purpose is to relax the mind and free it from stress and worries so that happiness flows in, making the mind more peaceful and hence more productive.
    "writing and sharing these notes" is meditation for me too.

  2. "meditation's purpose is to relax the mind and free it from stress and worries" Your fine notes help this process too Khushi - Many thanks