Wednesday, February 9, 2011

... muddy Lotus

We are often advised to stay and operate efficiently wherever we are, in whatever we are doing. Typical example is that of the lotus - "floating" gracefully even in muddy waters. It's said that a drop of water "wants" to return to muddy conditions, after floating in the clouds for a while. We are told Buddhas return as everyday beings!

To enjoy the beauty of a live lotus, we need to "accept" the mud it stands in. To admire the bravery of the soldier, we have to "see" the war being fought. As they say - a ship is safe in the harbour, but it is not designed for that.

Having read about a few creative artists & poets, it's becoming clear that they are mostly "talking" about their own experiences.

Few months back, I had gone for a haircut. Without much wait, the hairdresser K came over, introduced himself & directed me to the chair. During next few minutes of haircut, he shared several significant events of his life, leaving a fine print within.

At any cross section, am trying to understand & appreciate the ... muddy Lotus!


  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections. I read your current posts and really enjoyed it!


  2. Raj,
    There is a large lesson in the muddy lotus. I had not heard "A ship is safe in the harbor, but it is not designed for that." So many possible analogies for this important insight. Thanks.

  3. Raj-I think truth, real truth, is never ethereal, never abstract. It is always grounded in life, in the blood, in the soil.

  4. Many thanks Nicone - much pleased to see your blog too. Sharing these reflections, I believe "might also help in the search of the meaning of life"

  5. "..real truth, is never ethereal, never abstract. It is always grounded in life, in the blood, in the soil" how simple & Profound!! Deeply wish to realise it soon! Grateful

  6. Your remark about the ship in the safe haror reminded me of another quote by Louisa May Alcott--"I am not afraid of the storm for I know how to sail my ship." I am always pleased to read what ou write, Raj.

  7. Grateful Maxie. Pleasure to read your notes too. Am keen to get to the stage where one can comfortably say " I know how to sail my ship"