Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Call!

It's a delight to see a seasoned artist perform. You can enjoy every move, absorb the rhythm & relate to the character. While I deeply value such artists, their genius, dedication and commitment, I know that this line is not Call!

One is certainly impressed by the drive and determination of so many people in such diverse fields as medicine, science, welfare, sports... With all the respect for these endeavours, am clear, it's not Call!

In many close interactions, you can see that part of you is in sync with itself. At those points, you are not desirous of anything, nor are you afraid. You are effortlessly at peace and content with Existence. Like a tiny paper boat, you are fine with the waves. Such delicate moments point to Call!

In the gentle footsteps of a child, in innocent gesture of a close one, in fine notes of a song, in tender move of a twig, in sweet stretch of a pet, in few challenging situations and sometimes in silence, I have heard Call!


  1. Nice one Raj. You know I thought my call was to be the best wife and mother. So I became that. Then one day out of the blue it came: a call. This was my call, literally and figuratively. A call to teach!
    The call encompassed all...wife, mother and teacher. Sometimes we don't hear it, then we are lead to the calling!

  2. This is so beautiful, Raj! You and I are alike in many ways. My calling, too, is to embrace the simple joys of life, to be content, and to appreciate the beauty of the world all around me.

  3. Very nicely expressed, Raj. I never quite realised that appreciation and contribution are in themselves a gift and a calling to some. As I get older the calling becomes more apparent.

  4. @ Khushi
    Can relate to everything you said Khushi, including "Call to teach... sometimes...we don't hear it." Grateful

  5. @ NP
    "to embrace the simple joys of life, to be content, and to appreciate the beauty of the world all around me" : such a Profound thought in such simple words. Grateful Marty.

  6. @Ken
    Your notes, "appreciation and contribution are .... a gift" to many Ken. Deeply valued

  7. This really got me thinking Raj. I love when a blogger seeds my mind in a new direction. Thank you for this gift :)

  8. @kisatrtle
    Thanks for you note kisatrtle, Am aware of the time it takes to help kids with their assignments & projects... part of the call!

  9. @septembermom
    Thanks Kelly, always a pleasure to read your notes - given that you "always have a broom lately" !