Saturday, June 18, 2011


We can draw cash from an Automatic teller machine (ATM). With practice, we can figure out, where our attention is - at the moment (ATM)

As we prepare for an event, discussion, presentation, it just helps us manage what happens... ATM

Long back, I had a wart in my foot for few weeks. The doctor checked it, asked a question & gave the medicine. The relief was evident within minutes. This is just a vivid picture within...ATM

There are several events, immensely beautiful & fulfilling, inspiring & uplifting, frustrating & threatening, that we face during our journey. Am gradually realising, there are no ripples within.. ATM

As I write this note, sitting in the train, the guy sitting next to me is dozing off & leaning on me slightly. I can see that there is no impact within ... ATM

Am given to understand that most of what we need to learn, can be summed up as BE HERE NOW. In other words, just BE ...ATM


  1. Living in the moment! ATM, enjoyed the post, especially the guy resting against you.....

  2. Grateful Khushi : the gist lies in "Living in the moment"

  3. Hi Raj
    I thoroughly enjoyed the ripples and impact observations.

  4. Delighted to learn that an artist like Ken has "enjoyed the ripples and impact" Grateful