Friday, October 14, 2011

. . . blissful ignorance !

We have all seen a baby cry for feed, comfort, company .... Once the needs are reasonably met, the little one is relaxed & often to sleep. The sensory signals are at ease & it is enjoying ... blissful ignorance.

After a reasonable amount of work, at the end of everyday chores, one can easily slip into deep sleep, devoid of any concerns, dreams.. just in a state of ... blissful ignorance.

Having enjoyed several comedy shows and hearty laughs to the point of exhaustion, one can certainly reflect on the whole experience to conclude that one has been in a state of ... blissful ignorance.

Ironically, am finding that our moments of extreme fear, concern, humiliation and anxiety gradually pass and help us dig within for ... blissful ignorance.


  1. Happy Diwali Raj. I'm back from my long break! Your post reminds me of the oft repeated lines: "When ignorance is bliss, it's a folly to be wise..." Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss!

  2. Warmly reciprocating your greetings Khushi... your notes are always insightful ... "When ignorance is bliss, it's a folly to be wise".. was certainly floating in the background. Grateful