Tuesday, February 14, 2012

... little smiling one!

It has been my sincere effort to meet & greet friends & relations with a warm smile. This warmth has been more than reciprocated. It adds to someone within... little smiling one.

In deeply reflective moments, you can feel the universe blissfully coming to a standstill... quietly shrinking... to be with ... little smiling one.

While listening to a fine piece of music, laughing wholeheartedly with a comic clip, feeling deeply connected to the universal energy, sharing a playful moment with kids, I can feel the presence of ... little smiling one.

It has been a blessing to enjoy long term association with family & friends. A generous dose of humour helps most of the time. Am gradually realising, one need not worry at all.. just quietly listen to... be gently in the company of ... little smiling one.


  1. I've always kept the child in me alive...and now when I look at the extension of the 'little smiling one': my two year old granddaughter...I enjoy connecting with 'little wonder' and the smiling little one.

  2. Grateful for sharing Khushi “... connecting with 'little wonder' and the smiling little one" You may find this book interesting :"Letters to Sam" http://letterstosam.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks Raj. Will look it up.