Thursday, July 12, 2012

...what’s mine!

It’s human nature to come to terms with, understand, comprehend and possibly float easily with the Nature. It’s a delight to see the fine work of different seekers – poets, painters, scholars, artists, reformers... it’s an ongoing effort to understand...what’s mine!

Going for a walk with the pet, can be a pretty fulfilling experience. So can be a relaxed chat with a friend... a fine song that you have enjoyed over the years... a lively evening with a group..gradually I am finding that all these help me figure out ...what’s mine!

Reflecting on an experience... good or not so good... comforting or threatening ... uplifting or humiliating... helps me decipher. As the pendulum swings to & fro...seasons change.. still something stays steady...what’s mine!

A certain degree of detachment, discrimination... effortless observation... a sprinkle of humour...helps me absorb... ...what’s mine!


  1. Mine is this life: the memories, the gaps in memories; the forgotten, the lapses. Mine is the joy, and mine is the pain. Mine is the loss and mine is the gain...Life breath is His, but He too is mine.

  2. Grateful Joy ... what a fine poetic expression..."Mine is the loss and mine is the gain...Life breath is His, but He too is mine"

  3. Your posts have now travelled deep into unchartered territory and have been well accepted indeed. Somewhat deeper than Orchestral ravings yet still I feel optomistic that given the right exposure to loud music, red wine and Thai food you will grasp the inner peace so widely desired from working in an educational back room! You can thank the great god of late trains for ensuring that you always get a window seat in life!

  4. Much appreciated Mark... the encouragement to travel.. "deep into uncharted territory"... while aiming for a holistic view from .. "a window seat in life!" Warmly