Friday, May 17, 2013

...the vacuum!

One of the fundamental necessities of life... our breath...relies on our diaphragm moving systematically to ensure...the vacuum!

It’s fascinating to see how much of our energy goes to maintain a sense of balance and belonging.  Decades back, when I returned home after spending 3 months away at the uni, I was elated to see the buses of Delhi. The phenomenon has repeated itself on few occasions. The intense longing for something can lead to a feeling of ...the vacuum!

We all have seen the upheaval in political, social, organisational and community circles for the top position. The second-in-line can cause quite an upheaval, driven by ...the vacuum!

I have enjoyed the fine Gazaals from a famous singer for some 25 years. I had the opportunity to join his concert recently. Some friends have shared their experience of personally dealing with the singer. While I deeply value his genius and commitment, there is no longing to explore further or any issue of ...the vacuum!

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