Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fine Desires

Koyi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise

We humans are often trying to find a meaning, a lasting value for our existence. In my limited experience – an expression from a close friend, relation, pet or a song can become our guiding light, comforting thought or validating benchmark! The poet says Mujhse Kuch Teri Nazar Pooch Rahi Ho Jaise: “It’s as though you are asking me a question!”

Woh Nazar Chupke Mujhe Dekh Rahi Ho Jaise: [I get the feeling that someone is watching over me] This feeling that “someone is watching over me’ can be very comforting and reassuring. It can also be our “inner conscience” guiding us!
“Ek Lamhe Mein Simat Aaya Hai Sadiyon Ka Safar” There are few moments that seem to compress a whole of lifetime!! Such moments are very precious, pure, intense and immensely significant. You cherish them for a life time. [The poet says “In a moment the gist of a life’s passage has been captured”]

Koyi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise Most of human behaviour is driven by desires of all sorts. In very close associations, we tend to live with implicit understanding and acceptance of each others motives. The poet adds “I get a feeling that a deep rooted desire, prayer, wish is lingering inside of you”
With a wish that we can grow past most of our desires . . . gradually!!

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