Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sublime Love

sirf ehsaas hai ye rooh se mehsoos karo

This is an effort to describe Life, Light & Love with the help of a beautiful song that has resonated within for four decades!

pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do, koi naam na do:
pyaar koi bol nahi, pyaar awaaz nahi,
ek khamoshi hai sunti hai kaha karti hai
na ye bujhti hai na rukti hai, na thehri hai kahin,
noor ki boond hai, sadiyon se baha karti hai,
sirf ehsaas hai ye, haath se chhoo ke, ise rishton ka ilzaam na do,
Love / Light / Life are not a declaration, narration or a sound, rather it is a “silence” that listens and is heard within. It never extinguishes or stops. It does not stagnate at a place. It’s a drop of Bliss that has been flowing for ever! It’s essentially an internal experience. Let’s not contaminate it by touching or labeling it as an obligation. These couplets, to me, illustrate the core concepts of human knowledge: material, interpersonal & spiritual.

muskuraahat si khili rehti hai, aankhon mein kahin,
aur palkon pe ujale se, jhuke rehte hain
(In Love) a subtle glow and smile radiates through you, your face / looks.
In a simple way, as I can add, this glow can be seen on a tiny toddlers’ face, totally engrossed in making a sandcastle or a pet having a nap after a meal!!

honth kuchh kehte nahi, kaanpte honthon pe magar, kitne khaamosh se afsaane ruke rehte hain, sirf ehsaas hai ye, rooh se mahsoos karo
You do not say anything, but so many unsaid / subtle expressions are silently sitting there.
This fine state of bliss can be experienced, as I understand, in different contexts with a close relation, companion, pet, Nature / landscape
With a deep wish that we move towards Bliss, effortlessly!

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