Sunday, March 14, 2010

…floating in bliss!

The entire human journey seems to be an effort to figure out & make friends with the ONE, who resides within. Few notes in line with a popular Qwalee describing this!
The poet says "Near and far, somebody lives: somebody do lives in my heart." in Urdu paas rahtaa hai duur rahtaa hai ko’ii dil meN zaruur rahtaa hai

Our inspiration can be from any source. Once the inspiration settles within, the drive is automatic! "From the time I have seen their sight, I remain mildly intoxicated. “jab se dekhaa hai unkii aaNkhoN ko halkaa halkaa suruur rahtaa hai

Its a blessing to be in an ecstatic frame, without any fear or greed, most of the time. My understanding remains that this state is achievable with due dedication, practice and Grace from above ! "“Adam” is of such a disposition that at every step he remains intoxicated and ecstatic." ab “Adam” kaa vo haal hai har qadam mast rahtaa hai chuur rahtaa hai
Several scholars, poets, sages have highlighted the impact of graceful look of a Realised Soul. The poet adds This mild intoxication is because of your Sight / Eyes, that taught me drinking.[ The words "intoxication" & "wine" need careful interpretation!] ye jo halkaa halkaa suruur hai, ye terii nazar kaa qusuur hai, ke sharaab piina sikha diyaa
The poetic description of elated state where the whole landscape is filled with Grace, Peace and Joy is experienced by us all, at least momentarily! “saaraa jahaaN mast, jahaaN kaa nizaam mast, din mast, raat mast, saher mast, shaam mast, mast”

The poet has beautifully described his devotion to & faith in the Chosen One. We are advised that there are no formalities between us & our Chosen One: just pure Friendship, Oneness and Unity. As the poet says neither I know prayers nor ablutions, I prostate whenever you come in front of me. na namaaz aatii hai mujhko na vuzuu aataa hai, sajdaa kar letaa huuN jab saamne tuu aataa hai

The poet has beautifully captured the essence of Union with the Higher Self: The distinction between You & Me vanishes. Your remembrance is my prayer [and] your wish is my wish. This is the miracle of my frenzy that where ever I prostrated a place of worship was made there. jo terii Khushii, vo merii Khushii
ye mere junuuN kaa hai mo’jizaa, jahaaN apne sar ko jhukaa diyaa
vahaaN maine Kaaba banaa diyaa

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