Wednesday, March 24, 2010

... illustrating me

main Khayaal huuN kisii aur kaa, mujhe sochataa koii aur hai[Am someone’s thought : am thought by someone else!!]
Ability of poets, artists and sages to decipher and present fine elements of Life has fascinated me for decades. This is to share a few waves, beautifully captured, tenderly preserved and tastefully decorated through this Gazaal… illustrating me!! much better than I can aim for

main kisii ke dast-e-talab men huuN, to kisii ke harf-e-duaa men huuN
Having walked several steps and miles with different people at varying platforms, am delighted to be part of many lives, the roles that one has played, the warmth that has been shared, the obstacles that have been overcome! The poet adds “Am part of someone’s prayers, some want my company for fun!!” It’s a complete expression!!

main nasiib huuN kisii aur kaa, mujhe maaNgataa koii aur hai [ I become someone’s destiny! Someone else asks for me!] Given that Life is understandable to a certain degree only: we are often trying to cope with a state of flux!

meraa jurm to koii aur thaa, par merii sazaa koii aur hai[My fault was something else: am given some other punishment] It’s certainly difficult for me to correlate: what I have been “awarded” or “punished” for. Infact what appears as “punishment” at one stage, at times turns out to be a blessing in another context!!

Tujhee dushmanoo kee khabaar naa the : mujhe dostoon kaa pata na tha !! [You had no news about your enemies; I was missing the news about my friends] We all have different craving at different cross sections. I have very eagerly waited to hear about welfare of my friends and relations!! There have been occasions when moves of some people have caused unease within!

tuu qariib aa tujhe dekh luuN, tuu vahii hai yaa koii aur hai
[Do come close to me: so that that I can see that you are the One, not someone else!!]

With a sincere wish that we can be with the One!

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