Friday, June 18, 2010

...tick of approval !

To enjoy a certain degree of comfort within, we do need feedback, affirmation, approval from fellow humans, for certain length of time at least. Gradually you try to figure out the basic measures, essentially to validate your own steps. Am finding suggestions from ancient texts pretty helpful in this process. The three leading pointers include:

Parental Debt [ Pitri Rin in Sanskrit] : Given that we get initial nature, nurture, bonding in parental setting, its desirable to repay the best one can! My personal orientation has been to be mindful of elders’ needs and accommodate in the best possible way. Further translation of it has meant – providing a “secure” environment for kids! At this cross section, with all humility, am pleased to tick this element.

Teachers’ Debt [Guru Rin in Sanskrit] is our obligation towards those who helped our learning along the way! It has been my rigorous effort to maintain good rapport with all that have facilitated learning in any setting. In addition, keen effort has been made to pass on my own understanding to younger generation! It’s almost a tick!

Nature’s’ Debt [Dev Rin in Sanskrit] is our obligation towards Nature, Divine forces. The suggested means include charity. I am keenly aware of this dimension and the need to decipher my own nature. Among many boons I have enjoyed, Friendship certainly is one. My orientation towards friends remains one of mutual acceptance, little or no expectation, no regrets, easy bonding and sharing – preferably a good laugh as well! It is my earnest effort to nurture and sustain this dimension all the way for. .. Tick of approval!


  1. I like the 'little or no expectation' regarding friends.
    Glad to see that you are amassing the ticks.

    A most enjoyable post Raj.

  2. Your notes are always a delight Ken - Pleasure to have your tick as well ! Grateful