Friday, June 4, 2010

...Zero Defect!

There has been a lot of corporate effort for several decades to streamline production processes towards Zero Defect!... for automobiles.. to mobiles!

This is to explore the concept at fundamental level of Life design ... perhaps it has Zero Defect too!

We do strive for different things at any cross section. These "things" do give us satisfaction, at least, for some time. Gradually, we figure out, most important things are not "things". Essentially its our ability and determination to get to the stage of experiencing ..Zero Defect!

Given that there is a lot of uncertainty about life, events, people, I can only do my best at any cross section. The passage becomes a lot easier and enjoyable, if the Faith settles within that Life, with all its manifestations,has .. Zero Defect!


  1. How wonderful if we could indeed attain that high level of quality in life to reach zero defect. But the effort to that end has its rewards...and I don't speak of tangibles. Thanks for the thought.

  2. Grateful for your contribution, as always Khushi "the effort to that end has its rewards...and I don't speak of tangibles" that's what makes life meaningful and complete. Thanks again