Sunday, October 31, 2010

... just one sentence !

The story goes that a well established king asked a noted scholar for a selection of books that one must read. An year later, as promised, the scholar presented the king with a row of camels, loaded with books that must be read! The king was furious. The poor scholar had to plead for a week's time to do better that this. A week later, the king was really agitated to find a camel loaded with books. The frightened scholar was given just one day to pull it together. Next day the king was presented with a golden plate with a note " There were people, they were born and they died!" ... just one sentence !

As I was leaving home to join uni in 76, my Grandfather asked me to take down a sentence for guidance :[translation] one who fights the storms, is a good Human Being, one who fights the intent, is the Real Being ! Over the years, I have reflected on this ... just one sentence !

My Grandmother gave me a picture of her chosen deity, saying "He will protect you" ...just one sentence !

It's fascinating to see how much can be conveyed and retained through... just one sentence !


  1. Hi Raj
    I'm now thinking of importand single sentences that have made a difference in my life.

  2. A gem like Ken need not search for "single sentences that have made a difference" - your note are so fulfilling Ken. Many thanks