Saturday, April 23, 2011

...dimensions of learning !

Sometimes the sight and plight of a close relation, friend, associate, even a pet and of course our own-self, can inspire us, grind us and uplift us. These are all ......dimensions of learning !

What catches my attention and inspires me, is actually not in my full control. An expression from Roosevelt "the only thing to fear is Fear" can influence the thought process at many levels. A fine narration of a character from centuries back, can find a seat within and gently guide many steps.

It's a pleasure to see the way several creative and gifted people, scholars ... in fact many many people have internalised and outgrown their limitations.

Few years back, I had gone to pick up our son from a friend's place. It was raining and wet allover. As I tried to rush towards the front of their door, I tripped on the way down. It was not a pleasant sight, but a good learning experience. As we know, there are many ...dimensions of learning !


  1. I love "can gently guide many steps." A very inspiring post Raj. Thank you!

  2. I like the subtle blend of profundity and humour! Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

  3. @SM
    Always a pleasure Kelly to read your notes - Nice to see the way you are "travelling" the "untitled" path. Many thanks

  4. @Khushi
    Grateful Khushi : am gradually including humour as a daily ingredient - after all comedy is a serious business!