Monday, April 4, 2011

...perfectly imperfect!

...perfectly imperfect is an expression borrowed from a learned one.

Our little pet has fair few habits that can drive you nuts at times. She commands attention as her birth right. Her looks can best be described as cute. The affection she showers can melt a stone. In short, she is ...perfectly imperfect!

Some 30 years back, happened to visit family relations, as I was passing through Bombay for some work. Had known & extensively dealt with the family earlier. It was pretty interesting to see the elderly Aunt share her family issues at length. Happened to visit the family an year later, as I was studying & staying in Bombay now. It was pretty disturbing to be treated so indifferently this time around. Took sometime to decipher this disparity. Gradually, it dawned on me as ...perfectly imperfect!

When I reflect within, I do find features that 'am very comfortable with, features that one has nurtured with care. Of course there are limitations and concerns too. All in all, the bundle is probably ...perfectly imperfect!


  1. It's a strange paradox, Raj! There's always room for improvement, and yet in another way-perhaps the most meaningful way- we're perfect just as we are.

  2. Perfection is truly relative. I think we need to celebrate the imperfect in ourselves and all around us. I love the human in all (warts and all - my dad's favorite saying.) Thanks for your kind visits to my blog, Raj. Always very appreciated. Enjoy your day!

  3. Marty & Kelly

    Grateful for your time & thought - your notes make the journey so close to perfect !