Monday, July 4, 2011

...even Field.

As you take a little child for a walk ... in the right frame, you can enjoy every move, a little bite, a bit of sunshine and rain, a smile here & there. Many a time you realise, that you are fully absorbed in it.. there is no concern about the future or past, no age gap or expectation. It's an ...even Field.

Having walked with many in different settings, social and professional, one can see the variation in will & skill, effort & achievement, status & values... While the visible features vary significantly, deep down at one's core, it's an ...even Field.

At times, I am amazed by the precision of certain events that leave a fine print within : receiving a particular response, meeting a specific person at a certain point, taking a certain course of action... can appear as fine coincidences. At a root level it's an ...even Field.

Am reminded of elders I have grown up with. Over the years, some have passed away, some have deteriorated. Somewhere within, at times It reveals Itself that all is intact, it's an ...even Field.


  1. You seem to be at a high level of awareness. I'm still a long way off from that kind of detachment to experience an "even field" in all spheres of life.

  2. Grateful Khushi. It is essentially work in progress - as you said " level of awareness". that can help us experience an "even field" in all spheres of life. ! You are miles ahead.

  3. I love the opening remarks and conclusion associated with taking a child for a walk.

  4. My deep compliments to the fine artists who beautifully paints & captures the "remarks and conclusion associated with taking a child for a walk" Many thanks Ken