Wednesday, December 21, 2011

... stillness!

Long back, I was standing at a railway platform to catch a very early morning train. As the train was pulling in, a little pup wandered over – right on to the track. Few of us tried to direct it away, without any success. Within seconds this innocent one was crushed under the wheels. Looking back, with a grain of salt, I can accept my ... stillness!

It’s a pleasure talking to ones nears & dears, in person or over phone. Few days back, sitting in the train, I was talking to a fine associate, over phone. The fact that the train was moving and going through a tunnel disturbed the flow! To be totally a part of the conversation, you need a certain degree of ...stillness.

I was invited to a festive get together recently by a business associate. While I had known just a few people over the years, I managed to have a decent dialogue with fair few people during the session. At the core of each interaction, you can see that part of you is just a witness in ... stillness!

There is lot of action around us & within us. The fine sun rise, gentle breeze and soothing waves are all part of Nature, as are the social inequalities, political unrest and interpersonal conflict. To get a steady picture, we need be part of action and ... stillness!


  1. Thank you for those thoughts, Raj.
    I've dropped by to thank you for your posts over the year and to wish you a merry Christmas. See you soon.

  2. Always an honour Ken. Warmly reciprocating your kind greetings for you & family.

  3. Raj. I am a big fan of your other blog, the aphorism one on wordpress --the "Swami" Raj's Shout blog. I think they are rather well done in parts.

    1. Thanks Drew. if a fine blog as well