Wednesday, December 7, 2011

... What’s always there!

Many years back, I got my first tri-cycle. The context, the conversations and the contentment that day, sit within vividly. In case I was to get a tri-cycle today, it is of little use. Many such experiences help me reflect on... What’s always there!

There are several events, pointers and signals that shape our thought & action. I distinctly remember an aunt visiting our place long back to talk about her father’s accident. Over the years, I have seen several layers of the saga. While we learn at every step, am keen to relate to... What’s always there!

At any cross section, we can be thrilled, delighted, disturbed, irritated by some action or reaction. It takes quite some effort to relate to and be with... What’s always there!


  1. I always like how you put things, Raj...and how it makes me think.

  2. Grateful for your kind encouragement & engagement all through Ken. Appreciated