Sunday, June 7, 2015

…part of me!

As a young student at the Uni, I have had the privilege of coming in contact with several brilliant and dedicated lecturers and students. Their passion, devotion and enthusiasm have certainly left a mark somewhere…it has become a…part of me!

There are several fellow travellers, friends, relations…that have added to the inner frequency by virtue of their sympathy or indifference, humility or arrogance, sense of composure or sheer desperation, honesty or deceit. Through years of association, reflection, assimilation and distillation…some fraction thereof has helped shape …part of me!

Long back I came across the book “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. The suggestions presented still make good sense and are acceptable. Few days back, I was slightly concerned to read some unfavourable comments about the book that has been around for some 70 years. In line with the prevailing social, economic and political environs, we do our bit to survive and thrive. We continue to fine tune our strategy and resolve. At a fundamental level only that ideology or habit works for me that is …part of me!

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