Thursday, April 22, 2010

...courage, confidence, conviction!

Human species is considered to be the most adaptive and survival oriented. One of the essential ingredients that keeps us going is Hope or Will to live, survive! This popular poem Ghazal captures the thought vividly – expressing the intensity of longing for Hope, confidence, reassurance!

manzil na de charaaG na de hausalaa to de
tinke kaa hii sahii tu magar aasaraa to de

If you cannot give me the destination, or the light / direction for the passage, at least give me the encouragement/will/hope (hausalaa) to get there. Even if it is in the form of a little twig – please give me some hope & confidence – as am sinking!

mai.n ne ye kab kahaa ke mere haq me.n ho javaab
lekin Khaamosh kyuu.N hai tuu ko_ii faisalaa to de

I have never asked for the Verdict to be in my favour, but why are You so quiet about Your Judgement.

baraso.n mai.n tere naam pe khaataa rahaa fareb
mere Khudaa kahaa.N hai tuu apanaa pataa to de

For decades, I have convinced/fooled/kid myself in Your Name. O My Lord! Do let me know where You are!

beshak mere nasiib pe rakh apanaa iKhtiyaar
lekin mere nasiib me.n kyaa hai bataa to de

Have all the control over my Destiny- just let me know what It holds for me!

For me, this hausalaa – will, hope, resolve and confidence has emerged from varied experiences. A note, phone call, visit or an innocent smile from a dear one has been the source sometimes. An expression from years back from a learned soul, has suddenly emerged from within to sustain me. Interestingly, even some unpleasant, challenging, threatening situations have also helped keep the flame going sometimes !


  1. I appreciate the poem. It expresses what I feel sometimes. My hope and prayer is for the courage and confidence I have lost to return. Peace, Maxie

  2. Deep good wishes & thoughts are with you Maxie "for the courage and confidence ... to return" Your blog also shows your determination. could also be of interest. Many thanks

  3. A positive attitude can see even the smallest ray of light in the darkest night, and keep a strong hold on the flimsiest tendril of hope.

    Life within us and about us gives us what we are looking for...we only have to see it.

    You love ghazals so much, do you write poems too?

  4. Always grateful for your insights Khushi "Life within us and about us gives us what we are looking for...we only have to see it" Am keen to see it! Have enjoyed ghazals for some 30 years - lets see what shape it takes in future. Its a pleasure to be carried to a different plane through the soulful music! Many thanks.