Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...spectrum of associations!

Few thoughts regarding various degrees of associations with fellow humans

Beep thought: Essentially marks early stages of friendship, empathy, association. You would “beep” the other person

-When you want to share a joke, an article you read last week
-When you want to spend few leisurely hours
-When you buy a new mobile, plant a few trees, get a promotion!

Creep thought: Gets a fair bit more serious here. You look for company where you can share your insecurities, failures, fears, anxieties etc – may be a shoulder to cry on – to lighten that creepy feeling within.

Sleep thought: This forms pretty advanced stage of any acquaintance, relationship etc. You “think / feel” that

-The other person will not be able to sleep peacefully – without the knowledge of your wellbeing.
-“their” picture is incomplete without your inclusion & vice verse

As the old couplet goes “sirf ahsaas hai – rooh say mehsoos karo” [it’s a deep feeling, experienced only within]. To quote Amrita Pritam [translation] “in case mention of your name – brings moisture to their eyes – you can be rest assured – you still exist in their inner being. It’s strange that we always look for this proof of our own existence!” She was right!

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