Thursday, May 27, 2010

... not just inspiration!

In line with our nature, nurture and inner state, we absorb different signals from the environment. Having participated in several discussions, discourses, presentations, workshops – am pretty convinced that we are getting motivated, inspired in a unique individual fashion. In a group of 5 or 500, each one is picking up a different signal.

One of the more ingrained pictures for me is that of our elderly maid in early 70s. She conveys a spirit of sheer determination and hard work, against all odds to protect and nurture her grown up son, who had gone off tracks.

The picture sits somewhere within to guide me, help me make sense of the bigger picture. Its not that I make a deliberate attempt to remember the Maid. I don’t even know her name nor have her picture. She surfaces in thoughts, of her own accord and Grace.

Its part of my respiration… not just inspiration!

A famous poem fits this note “Mere Man Ke Andh Tamas Mein, Jyotirmayi Utaro” [O Mother: light up my inner being!]


  1. It is written "seek and you will find." When we become seekers we begin to see things with the inner eye and become open to the "signals" that we were not receptive to earlier. Thanks for the insight Raj.

  2. "When we become seekers we begin to see things with the inner eye" precisely what am hoping for Khushi. Always a pleasure to read your notes. Many thanks