Thursday, July 15, 2010

... fight or flight !!

Few months back, 'had parked our vehicle close to a weekend bazaar, after carefully checking for the parking sign. On return, we were unpleasantly surprised to to find a parking notice! Regrettably, we 'discovered' that the parking sign did mention the words "parking ticket" - but way different to the normal format!

Despite our repeated requests for the charge to be waived, we were required to attend court to defend charges. With all the deliberations with the other side proving futile, the matter was listed for hearing at the higher court, a few months later. Surprisingly, just 2 days prior to the hearing, the matter was "unconditionally" withdrawn, by the other side.

In hindsight, the whole process was not worth it, in terms of time spent in follow up, appearing at different sessions and preparing briefs. On the other hand, its very reassuring and comforting within!

The calm within, is what am trying to retain, without any ripples, once any such episode is over ... fight or flight !!


  1. It sounds like an exasperating time. I can understand your trying to retain the calm. It's stones tossed in the water that cause the ripples in still waters. Calm comes from inner strength...

  2. Many thanks Khushi, as you said "Calm comes from inner strength" - that's what am keen to work on - in-spite of "the ripples in still waters"

  3. What are still waters? ;)
    I enjoyed reading about the experience.

  4. A fine artist like Ken is most suited to illustrate "What are still waters?" Grateful for all the notes here & at your blog