Thursday, July 8, 2010

....rationale of my existence!

Its fascinating to see how human relationships evolve and have the potential to transform one's inner Being. The poet has beautifully captured this in these fine lines in Urdu.
Rafta rafta woh meri hasti ka saamaan ho gayey [ Gradually, it became the power/reason of my existence]
Pehlay jaan, phir jaan-e-jaan, phir jaan-e-jaana ho gayey [First my life, then the love of my life, then it became the beloved of my life]
Din-b-din badti gehin us husn ki raaniyaan [Day by day, their beauty / influence increased]
Pehlay Gul, phir gul-badan, phir gul-badamaan ho gayey ! [First a rose, then the body of a rose, then it became the greatest rose]
Aap to nazdeek say nazdeek-tar aatay gahey [You became closer and closer to me]
Pehlay dil, phir dilruba, phir dil kay mehmaan ho gayey [First the heart, then the sweetheart, then you became the guest of the heart]
Pyar jab Hadd se badha saare Taqaloof mith gayey[When love grew to its limit, all formalities got destroyed]
Aaap se phir tum huay phir tu ka Khunwaan hogayey [From a formal ‘you’ to an informal ‘you’, then ‘you’ disappeared]

To me this represents a fairly evolved stage of Unity - where formalities drop off automatically! Beauty is that this fine degree of empathy can be experienced with anyone - a close relation, companion, child, mentor, pet, even one's vocation / profession can be ...rationale of one's existence !


  1. Always grateful for your notes here & at your site Maxie - Inspiring, Thanks