Saturday, August 14, 2010

... just a handful !

Mathematically, we need few samples, at least a handful, before we can come to any general conclusion. Am finding that most of existence, at any cross section, relates to a handful of people, places and possibilities.

Normally you interact with a handful of people for work! A reasonable degree of mutual acceptance with work colleagues helps with our sense of well being!

A handful of relations leave a deep lasting impact within for a lifetime.

With the best of intent - you are able to develop, sustain and enjoy a handful of friendly contacts.

At any cross section, one is able to manage just a handful of issues!

Our life has significance for ... just a handful of people

We absorb innumerable suggestions, ideas, insights, leads over the years. At a particular point of time, we are aware of .. just a handful

As we depart for the next abode, we have hopefully "touched" ... just a handful!!


  1. Beautiful post Raj. What an impactful thought to mull have "touched just a handful" before we depart. Thank you for such wonderful thoughts.

  2. I'd be very happy if I touched just one before departing. Nice post Raj.

  3. Grateful Khushi - your expressions are so complete & comforting - here & at your blog - Its nice of you to spare a few minutes, given the transition that you are managing. Thanks again

  4. It's so generous of you Ken to say "touched just one before departing" In your own words : "The simple ways are always best". Many are touched by your fine expression & noble thought - Thanks again