Friday, August 27, 2010

...take 3 !

Sharing a note from 3 years back !


This note is from St A Hospital in Adelaide - where my Father is undergoing medical procedure. Its fulfilling in many ways to be of assistance to your nears & dears. Some 32 years back, had the privilege to spend sometime in a Delhi Hospital with my Grandfather - undergoing medical treatment.

As the Sanskrit proverb goes - we are like logs of wood floating on water - a current underneath brings us together & we float together for some distance. And then . . .

Am pretty convinced that relations one is walking with in this lifetime are being carried forward from earlier lives. we choose to float together, thru a range of options : parent-child, partners, friends, teacher-student etc.

Am also able to add that something within is still exactly the same after these 32 years - can be labelled as the "observer" - a friendly "witness" to TAKE 2.

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