Wednesday, September 15, 2010

...Melting Moments !

There are several moments, mostly unplanned and unpredictable that seem to suddenly melt your inner being. The flood of emotions at these times, shakes you to the core ! This is to share some of these rich moments.

- about 7 years back, I was visiting a close family elder, who was not keeping well. His condition disturbed me. I had seen him for years in fine spirits - always in warm friendly frame. At this point, all I could do was hold his hand and sob!
- Few years back, I had picked up a favourite CD to listen to on the way to work. The moment the song started, I was flooded !
- A simple warm gesture from a pet can sometimes stir many chords within !
- A tiny toddler resting in your lap can easily give you a feeling of bliss! A toddler crying can shake my inner being !
- Some 25 years back, one fellow hostler declared that he was going to tickle a pillar & Raj is going to crack laughing. He did precisely that & I was nearly rolling on floor laughing ...

The list can go on ... These tender moments, represent to me the firm ground, on which we stand to grow!


  1. So very true Raj. During quiet moments, I have spurts of emotion that just take me over for awhile. I welcome those moments because they enhance my being, my relationships and often my creativity. It's good to be a sensitive soul sometimes. I enjoyed having your post be the catalyst for this reflection.

    Thank you also for your kind comment on my blog. Enjoy your day!

  2. "those moments ... enhance my being, my relationships and often my creativity" such a fine expression Kelly. Many thanks for the wonderful notes at your blog as well

  3. How blessed we are for these little moments that we all carry within us. Memories of yesterdays, that bring a smile and could even set us laughing out loud! Priceless fleeting moments of happiness in all the chaos around us...thanks for sharing some of your joy.

  4. You're just a big old softie like the rest of us Raj

  5. "Priceless fleeting moments of happiness in all the chaos around us" are further enriched by your kind remarks Khushi, Many Thanks

  6. Nature has blessed me with many boons in this lifetime Ken. What a blessing to be counted as "big old softie like the rest of us" Thanks heaps

  7. Many thanks for your kind words Maxie. Honoured to read about issues being managed on many fronts !