Wednesday, September 29, 2010

... the medal!

It has been a pleasure to be appreciated and awarded with medal(s) for achievement in different spheres.

Some 35 years back, I started preparing for HSC. It was real slog to cover the subjects thoroughly essentially to excel. I had my moment of glory, with decent results. In hindsight, while I do question the whole process sometimes, I still attach some value to ... the medal.

There are several others, more determined & dedicated souls, worthy of superior medals. An aunt has been a pioneer of woman lib, steadfast to facilitate education & self reliance for younger sisters. She remained a spinster and has lead a pretty run down and lonely life in later years. One can question many facets, but I do offer her.. the medal!

My salutations to hundreds of driven people, who have enriched other lives by virtue of their will, skill & effort. They may or may not be delighted with the results they got. Still in my humble opinion, they deserve more than just... the medal!


  1. What a great tribute to your aunt!!

  2. Yes Raj, it seems there are lots of people who deserve medals but are never likely to have one put around their necks or pinned to them.

    Here's to people like your Aunt!

  3. Many thanks Maxie. Sometimes I feel concerned that 'am only able to wish her well & pray for her !

  4. Grateful Ken. At times something within wakes up when "you deserve medals but are never likely to have one"

  5. Your aunt does deserve the medal! Well done :)

  6. You are always so full of zest Kelly - much appreciated "aunt does deserve the medal" - her life has meaning for me!