Saturday, October 23, 2010

... am fed up!!

Few years back, I joined a few friends for dinner. The setting was fine, as was the food. Just after a few bites, I felt I was not able to eat any more ! Suddenly it dawned on me that I was coming from another get-together & had a full meal just 30 min earlier ! After all once you are full, you don't say ... am fed up !

Having read several books, attended many sessions regarding positive psychology, art of living .. one sort of gets to a saturation point. One continues to learn all through, without saying ... am fed up!

Several songs have shaken me to the core for several years, helping me resonate with and absorb many elements. Gradually the interest in a particular song plateaus. You still value the words, the concept and the artists. There is no need to say that fed up!

Having learnt about lives of few eminent people in different fields, it seems they have "turned around" their set backs and gained fine insights where they could easily have said .. am fed up!!


  1. Raj,
    The thought "am fed up" occurs to no one with such demoralizing impact as to the modern-day blogger. "Why do I do it?" is the question every day asked. We do it, it turns out, because there is always some appreciative reader, though he or she be too-often silent. I am that to you, friend, and I count myself lucky that you have been so much more than that to me.


  2. Simply grateful for your kind words Robert - here and at your wonderful blog. You are adding so much to so many lives in such gentle way - deep regards.